From 70s to Serious Snow

We woke up this morning to a full on blizzard and heavy blowing snow. Quite the shock, considering just yesterday evening I playing outside with William in a t-shirt under the sun. The Spring storm almost reminds me of our Calvin band tour in 2004 for Spring Break where we were stranded at the YMCA in Estes Park due to 4 feet of snow. Not a bad place to be stranded! Well not quite that much this time, but a solid 12 to 14 inches and very thick, high water content. The lab was closed today (along with seemingly everything else), thankfully, since many roads were closed and conditions looked terrible. They even shut down the airport. Our side street is yet to be plowed but I did have fun taking the truck out for a quick spin and laying down a track. Around mid-afternoon people started to emerge to clear the driveways. William had fun running around and especially enjoyed the hot-tub later in the evening.