A Little “Winter Camping”

I got the call to fill in for some extra help last weekend for the second installment of winter camping, expedition style for the HAMS CMC class. No problem. It was 70s forecast for the city so how cold could it really be in the mountains. Well it didn’t get super cold, but with my tremendous luck it fittingly snowed Saturday late afternoon/night. It was a great group of students along with seasoned instructors and really went off without a hitch. We headed up the reliable Second Creek at Berthoud Pass, hiked a short mile to our destination just past the Broome hut, stamped out a quarry for snow bricks and some tent platforms, made some walls, built a kitchen, and set up camp. The kitchen turned out handy later in the evening, a nice shelter from snow, where people cooked anything from hot soup to home-made burritos. After a short hike to the divide in the blowing snow, we returned to our camp and burrowed in. The next morning the weather cleared, warm sun and all. I made it back to Denver with time to spare to dry all my gear back in the warm Spring-like weather.