A Visit with Great Grandpa B

Family Time! Lots of events recently have reminded us that time can be short and pass quickly and that we need to make sure to spend time with those we love.

It was a quick trip but worth every second of travel. My parents met myself and the boys at the airport, played taxi drivers and extra hands so that we were all able to spend time with my Grandpa Marvin. The boys loved playing with the ‘big truck’ and Josh decided he was king of the walker. Even when Grandpa Marvin wasn’t walking Josh wanted extra rides and imperiously pointed the way with his finger. We even got to see my Aunt Pat and Uncle Frank who drove over for an afternoon and dinner. Our one night in Shelton included lots of chasing and laughing with TC.

One thought on “A Visit with Great Grandpa B

  • March 4, 2017 at 10:35 am

    Very special and precious times! And, the trucks get the prize!

    Grandma M

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