Making Great Memories: Butler Memorial Day Reunion

We had a great visit with family in Washington earlier this month. We even managed to have all four generations of Butlers in the same place! The majority of our visit was at The Cabin on Eld Inlet but we made a quick trip to the Tri-Cities to see Grandpa Marvin. You can tell from all the smiles that it was a lot of fun and craziness. William’s highlights from seeing Grandpa Marvin in no particular order (besides playing with the truck) include sitting by Johanna for the drive, yummy cake, seeing the turtles and the splash pad. Joshua’s favorite thing is still Grandpa’s walker though now he can push it around AND get a ride on it.

At The Cabin we had some days of great weather with just a couple of cooler days. Which meant we had lots of fun exploring the beach and time to pull out old Disney VHS as well. We explored the Cove and the Point, learned about sea creatures, collected anything that caught our eye, chased crabs and laughed like crazy. There were countless races down the cement ramps and only one casualty. I thought Joshua being the new walker and a bit of a daredevil was going to be our ER visit but it was Audra who had to be a trooper in spite of a spill that required attention from the resident MDs. (who were conveniently absent when the accident first occurred). There were campfires and grilling and all things summer like boating and swimming. Grandpa B even had special projects for the grandkids to work on in his shop. The boys made a birdhouse then all the grandkids got to make/decorate wooden trucks. They were all proud of their finished products.

It was great to reconnect with family and for the boys to get to spend quality time with their cousins and be spoiled by aunts and uncles and grandparents. Always wishing for more time together.

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  • June 16, 2017 at 7:49 am

    Looks like you had a great trip! I love the picture of Will on the deck eating next to your parents. So cute! Thanks for sharing.

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