Antler Season is on with Big Changes Ahead

The winter weather has broken for a while and we got out to enjoy the nice weather. It’s shed hunting season so we headed out with Maddy for a couple of hours of searching. We had done a little spotting ahead of time and had a pretty good idea of where to start. Not too long into the hunt I found a nice mule deer shed. It’s still early for much action so we didn’t know what else we might find but noticed lots of shrubs broken down and ripped branches. As we followed the signs farther in our efforts were rewarded. Early season also often can mean that larger antlers fall first. I practically stumbled by a beauty. When I called Dave back to check out my find he found the match!!! They had great color, nice spikes, and were so fresh the blood hadn’t even dried.

I might be 6 1/2 months pregnant but I still enjoyed the hike. I don’t go as far or fast but still a successful afternoon.

We spent more time hunting without any more luck than the first three.

Here’s the obligatory baby-bump photo. My check-ups continue to go well with development and measurements all as expected. My NP peppered me with questions and seemed to gleefully remind me that my due date is fast approaching. I told her I was just getting used to being pregnant and hadn’t switched to thinking about the fact that a baby arrives at the end of this. At which point she laughed and made me a list of things to decide, do, sign up for etc. She is actually the aunt of two of my students and we get along great.

In reality, Dave and I have been preoccupied with house buying not baby things. We are in the home stretch now and will close in two days! We are very blessed to have found a beautiful house, in the neighborhood we wanted, that was even in our price range. We can’t wait to move out of the “Cave” into such a wonderful location. So be looking for photos and another update soon.