Aunt Rima Comes to Town

We so enjoyed having my sister visit us. William and Joshua love Aunt Rima and were so glad she could join us for some camping. We really tired her out especially since we drove her straight to the campground after her three flights to get here. We joined our friends, the Schappas up at Heaton Bay. It was great having an extra set of hands to help out and every one had fun fishing, hiking, biking, canoeing, and eating around the campfire. Once back in town we kept the fun going at a Rockies game, the outdoor pool and fun around the house. Rima then headed downtown for a conference. We couldn’t stay away though and headed down to distract her for a evening swim and dinner. The boys got one more day of Auntie time when we took her to the Children’s Museum on Saturday before her flight. William loved having someone new to show all his favorites. Joshua is getting old enough to have some favorites too so we played and played! Then sent her on her long trek home. How fun to build more special memories with family.