Momma and Baby Boy Mulder Update

Dave is very good at documenting our big adventures but I think I need to start helping share more everyday events and reflections.  Baby Moose (nickname compliments of Tirsa) and I have made it through five months together leaving us four more.  All my check ups have been easy and everything seems to be progressing as expected for which we are very thankful and blessed.  See other “Baby” posts for ultrasound pictures and my 24 week appointment is Jan 16th.  He has taken to kicking regularly and seems particularly active mid-morning and in the evening after dinner. The Peanut (according to Narissa) is due to make his entrance on May 5th, which means I will be finishing the school year early and start losing sleep as a mom rather than a teacher. Thank you to friends and family who have already blessed us and are helping us prepare for Baby Mulder’s arrival with baby books, and blankets and clothes.  I’m specifically thinking of those of you I was able to see in person during my visit to Washington for Thanksgiving and in Michigan for Christmas and New Year’s. We are very excited about this new adventure especially because of all of your love and support.

So far Baby Mulder has been very considerate and I have mostly just needed more sleep than usual.  I’m over any queasiness and still enjoy most foods though burnt coffee has to be one of the worst smells ever. Dave has been great about humoring my occasional cravings for cool, smooth foods like root beer floats. We are trying to make sure that this little guy loves the outdoors so he has been helping me coach soccer, climb mountains, and even go skiing.

I have to admit though that life has already taken a slightly slower pace this fall.  Dave and I have enjoyed a few more weekends closer to home, luckily we live in a beautiful area where afternoon walks with Maddy still allow us to enjoy God’s beauty.

One thought on “Momma and Baby Boy Mulder Update

  • January 6, 2014 at 11:13 am

    love that plump
    tis great bump
    a moose
    is loose
    change in life
    for the wife
    for the dad
    moose is glad

    love to all four

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