Back to School

Here are a few snapshots of the boys starting school this year at Denver Christian and their fall activities. William is in Kindergarten and Joshua started Preschool. Nathanael is home with me but insists on using his backpack and water bottle just like his big brothers. Both the older boys were excited about their classes though they show it in very different ways. Will is being stretched to be more independent and self-sufficient which is a challenge but he is doing great. Joshua is always up for anything new but is learning so much about participating in a group and focusing on tasks. We are so excited about the growth we have already seen and look forward to this year. I’ve enjoyed having time to spend with just Nathanael as well as having Joshua and Nathanael have time together. The dynamics are so different and good. In addition to school it is also soccer season! and we’ve also found a fun new indoor play area for those too hot (and eventually too cold) days.

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  • September 20, 2019 at 11:54 am

    Loved the report and all the pics! Smiles were true, and even a real barber! Really liked looking at blog on our new computer! Grandma M

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