Bellies, Bones, and Ridges

This weekend we went to our first baby class. Linnea made sure we found the time, so on Saturday from 9 to 3 we had a crash course in everything you need to know about birthing. There were a lot of other very pregnant ladies in the class, and I’m just glad nobody starting going into labor. Linnea also started Spring Break this week and is planning on catching up on lots of sleep.

On Sunday, I joined a CMC HAMS group for a quick training hike, although I’m not really training for anything, just trying to stay in shape. We headed up to the Berthoud area for a ridge run connecting lots of different points. The views of the mountains in morning were spectacular.

On the way back, we tagged another peak, and ran into some serious wind. It’s been a while since I’ve experience wind like that and had to really lean into it to keep from getting bounced around. I kept on checking around me for my fellow companions to make sure I was wasn’t walking off a cornice with the snow being whipped up.

The rest of the day has been pretty relaxing with a little entertainment from Linnea and Maddy and some bone wars. After Linnea cleaned up one of the gardens, Maddy decided to dig a big hole and bury her bone when we were away at the store. Linnea dug the bone back out, scolded Maddy and tossed it in the yard. Latter, Linnea caught Maddy trying to bury it again in the same spot, so she was promptly sent back inside. The last laugh for now goes to Maddy though because she passed a whole bunch of gas on the couch after Linnea gave into her pouting to sit by us.