The Bierstadt Roll

How do you keep from post-holing in snow? Just roll! Mom and Dad mastered the technique up Guanella Pass when they were here a couple weeks ago for Williams birthday. After picking up a much needed box of doughnuts in Georgetown, we went for a short hike up the pass. Weather was all over the place with big rolling clouds, snow, and even thunder. Toward the top of the road, the snow got really difficult. Somehow we convinced the two to keeping on going until we couldn’t move any further. That was when dad busted out the roll, with mom just a few feet behind. Who needs snowshoes? I guess all the work-outs the two have been doing has instilled some new found confidence. Time to bring on the 14ers! We all made it back in one piece, with a little soak in the hot-tub to relax the muscles.

This post wouldn’t be complete without at least one video!




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