Birthday Time and a Break in the Springs

We celebrated Linnea’s birthday a little while ago. It was a quiet night, just the 3 of us plus Maddy, and a day late since I had just returned from DC at a meeting. Linnea is always making me ice-cream cake for my birthday lately, so this year I picked one up from DQ. I almost managed 33 candles but ran out of real estate around the upper 20s. William was in his glory and liked to imitate the horn buzzers with his voice. We are continuely blessed by Linnea, especially this past year with a little boy running around the house and all she does taking care of him!

A couple weekends ago we took a mini-vacation/Fall break down in the Springs. We sprung for a hotel this time for something different than the usual Mulder backcountry experience. The weekend was all about R and R and we had no major plans. We made a stop at Focus on the Family and it didn’t take long for William to find Whit’s End. This place brought back a lot of fun memories from our family vacation a long time ago and who would have thought we would be back, living in Denver now. William really liked the plan. After that we checked in the hotel downtown and hit the pool. William likes the water and usually he has at least one ball in one of his hands. It was pizza for dinner and we crashed. On Saturday we enjoyed a nice bakery for breakfast and then off to Garden of the Gods. It was much busier than I expected and we found a short hike were William could scramble on the rocks. The Air Force was doing some training flights and we watched multiple fly-overs. Later we saw some pilots at the hotel. After lunch we took a long drive up some Forest Service road and then back down through Woodland Park. We found a huge wooden playground and couldn’t pass it by. The weather had cleared up and William loved it. Back at the hotel we had to go back to the pool. William would run down the hall as fast as he could, get in the elevator, run out as fast as he could right toward the pool room. The next day we went on a short hike at Red Rocks open space park. The park had some great bolted routes and had me wishing I brought our climbing gear, next time! We made the short drive back after that and enjoyed the easy unpack with no camping gear to worry about!

One thought on “Birthday Time and a Break in the Springs

  • November 11, 2015 at 5:12 pm

    Thanks for a fun post! I can’t believe you actually lit all those candles! And, the flowers were beautiful! The video made me laugh–he needs to learn a few more notes. The trip looked great–with winning pics and scenery, including the sibling lizards. I liked Will’s 14er climb shirt, but you need to get him a life jacket.
    Thanks for the report! Love, Mom

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