Watch Out, Pregnant Lady on Skis!

We headed up to the mountains on Saturday for our first ski turns of the season. We were all itching for some fresh mountain air, especially Maddy. The destination was Butler gulch, just out of Empire. The weather was a blue-bird day and there were a number of others out skiing, snowshoeing, and even a few snowmobiles. You know the snow is either really good or people are seriously deprived when they are testing out their jetpack airbag systems in the parking lot. Linnea did great and we took our time working up the trail to the upper basin. The snow actually was really good for the early season, a solid 2 to 3 feet, and we enjoyed some lazy turns. I’m just glad Linnea didn’t take any falls! William also did great for the the most part although it wasn’t all fun and games as the little boy got all tired out and couldn’t fall asleep in his backpack. On the way down, he finally clunked out. Maddy was probably the most excited out of all of us to be in the snow again and constantly ran back and forth on the trail. She was out cold in the evening, snoring away sprawled out on the carpet. Later we capped of the day with some burgers and met our friends for a nice dinner out at Red Robin.