Camp, Bike, Fish: Repeat

A couple of weeks ago we headed out for a quick camping trip at CO campground just to get out of town. It’s a great, family-friendly campground that you can walk to Manitou Lake from to do some good fishing. We all caught something which brought on lots of smiles and cheering. I think we were the loudest group on the lake but it didn’t seem to bother anyone, not even the pelicans. A cold front blew through so we were happy to have the heater in the camper and lots of layers on but it made for some great campfire time. As you can tell, the boys love everything about campfires from chopping wood to eating s’mores.

One thought on “Camp, Bike, Fish: Repeat

  • June 23, 2019 at 1:56 pm

    Wow—what fishermen—everyone! Chopping looked ok, but I still cringe. Josh almost made it through the complete wood piece!😊. Love, Mom M

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