Camp get Enough!

Last weekend was another camping weekend and after work we jetted up 285 to find a camping site. Everyone else had the same idea to escape the city heat and we had about an hour delay at the Wendy’s in Conifer waiting for food. After the refuel, we drove out to Jefferson and made our way up to Michigan Creek. We found a nice dispersed spot, fairly quiet with no big groups too nearby. The weekend was all about playing in the hammock for the boys, with only one bad fall. Saturday morning we headed up French Creek for a short hike with both Will and Josh doing great hiking on their own. There were a few pockets of snow left that Maddy had a blast playing in. Later in the day we found my secret fishing spot that was crazy with action as usual. It was just spin rod fishing though as I forget my fly rod in the haste to leave town. The boys were firing on all cylinders and stayed up way past their bedtime later in the evening. Sunday we did some more exploring on the bikes and ended up playing in the creek. After naps we called it a weekend and packed up to make the trip back home.