New Camping Adventures

Finally the pop-up camper arrived a couple weeks ago. We’ve been “patiently” waiting in high anticipation the last month or so for it come in. I was in DC for another work-trip, so picking it up had to wait until Friday morning first thing at 8 am. After an in-depth, near 3 hour primer on all the details and workings, we were ready to go! There was no wasting time in beating the weekend rush, so we quickly packed the truck and hit the road. We made it up the hill okay, although definitely didn’t set any speed records. For our first trip, we decided to play it simple and headed up to Guanella Pass. Luckily we got a nice spot at Geneva Park Forest Service campground and didn’t have to venture into the backwoods (see below paragraph). The weather wasn’t so nice and very wet, but fresh off the morning tutorial we go it set up pretty fast. The boys had a blast, and Josh in particular could not be tamed for bed time. The next day the rain continued, but we still got out for a small hike and many laps around the campground stomping/riding through puddles. Funny, it was so wet that if we were tent camping, we might just have thrown in the towel and come home. Instead, we grilled up hamburgers and settled in. The next day, we enjoyed a lazy morning before packing up and making the hour or so drive back to Denver. Both boys already think they can help set-up and take-down and are already fighting for who gets to crank and who gets to do the jacks.

For our second trip out, we decided to be a little more adventuresome and headed up to Michigan Creek just out of Jefferson, past Kenosha Pass. I had to work a full day, so there was no beating the weekend warriors this time around. We were hoping to maybe get into a small Forest Service campground that didn’t take reservations, but all 12 spots were already taken when we arrived. I’m guessing we were about one hour too late. So, we headed up the road for some boondocking. Not wanting to get too crazy, we took the first available spot in a pretty large open area where nearby several other campers were also set up. The weather was much nicer, and sunny enough to try out the solar panel. On Saturday, we drove up toward Georgia Pass to explore potential future sites. We took a hike up French creek and after stopping for a snack, noticed a huge patch of wild strawberries. They were ripe for picking and both boys and Linnea went to town. Later back at the campsite, I did some exploring around and found a spectacular fishing hole just up and over a hill/ridge behind our site. From earlier research on google maps, I knew there were some nice stream-ponds nearby and was lucky to find one. That night and next morning we all fished, catching several vibrant colored brookies off both spinners and flies. Josh just can’t put his little pole down and gets a kick out of touching the fish. We packed up again on Sunday afternoon and sadly joined the 285 traffic line back to Denver.