A little camping, fishing, and hiking to finish off the summer

Rainbow Lakes

My parents have been visiting for the last couple of weeks which meant some late summer camping. Two weekends ago we headed up to Rainbow lakes to check out a campground. Great location! We got out and did some hiking and the guys threw a couple of flies in the lakes. William continues to love camping and didn’t even let the bear boxes stop him from getting at his snacks. Maddy wore herself out guarding camp and we enjoyed some great dinners over the campfire. We also spent one day up at Brainard Lakes and Dave found some good fishing holes inspite of some serious wind. The Indian Peaks Wilderness did not disappoint!!!

Taylor Canyon and the Gunnison

This last weekend was the big fishing weekend. We left on Thursday after work and drove out to Cottonwood Pass so the guys could get in some morning fishing at Taylor Reservoir on Friday. The view from the top of the pass as the sun rose on Friday was spectacular. The Rockies never cease to amaze. Mom and I enjoyed a quiet morning and I put in another days work. Love being able to work anywhere there’s cell service. Thanks Dad for the mobile hotspot. We found a great campsite on the North Bank of Taylor River. I should have gotten more pictures but William thought he was king of the hill, master rock climber or maybe jungle explorer. There was even a tree fort for him to take over. (Notice Roger the Rabbit is now a favorite companion as well.)

The fish proved elusive and made the fishermen work for their catch but the scenery made it worth it. Saturday was spent on the Gunnison with long hours of fishing. Dave figured out what the rainbow were hungry for and William and Grandma just kept exploring. One of his favorite activities is splashing the rivers with his sticks. I’m not sure if that’s what he thinks he’s copying his Daddy’s fishing or if he just likes the splash.

Maddy was sticking pretty close after her adventures the night before. The camp host had mentioned a bear had come through recently and either the same bear or another large predator tried to sneak back in on Friday night. Maddy woke Dave, Will and I up with her ferocious growls and she broke free from her cable in her efforts to guard us. Lucky for her (or maybe lucky for the bear) the cable did slow her down enough that whatever came by had time to get away.

After another relaxing morning and a little more fishing on Sunday, we had to say goodbye to my parents and head home. (My parents are loving retired life and are off on a wandering road trip through Colorado and the surrounding states.) But we got one more treat and spotted this moose munching away on Cottonwood Pass.