Cape Disappointment State Park

The week continued with plenty of time to explore and relax.  Cape Disappointment State Park is just down the road with lots options for family friendly adventure.  We even managed to snap a family photo.

A misty morning gave us the chance to explore Benson Beach and the North Jetty.  There were endless things to see and do from chasing seagulls and pelicans to splashing in the waves. With a little encouragement from Aunt Rima, Johanna enjoyed the surf while Audra chose a walk instead.  Sand castles were built and kites were flown.

The tide was very low when we arrived and the jetty rocks were mini-tide pools.  The hermit crabs were scurrying for cover while the starfish, barnacles and snails clung to the rocks. Audra wasn’t sure what to make of the crabs but William held one in his death grip.

We wandered out the jetty and Dave kept a keen eye on the fishermen but to no avail since the fish weren’t biting.  Luckily there were lots of other sealife to watch.   Besides all the birds we saw seals and sea lions and even a few porpoise. I also saw a dog shark in the surf though Dave missed it and wasn’t convinced.

Eventually the clouds started to lift and Kenan joined us for a hike up to Cape Disappointment lighthouse.

There were more bunkers to explore and we hiked by the Coast Guard station and past Dead Man’s Cove.

If you look closely at the hillside in a couple of these pictures across the water you can see Fort Columbia where we stayed.

The lighthouse is still in use and was being manned by a Coastie while we were there.

The protected beach down below the bluff is Waikiki Beach where we headed after our hike. On our way back down we were treated to a view of a bald eagle.  I think he was waiting for the salmon run to get into full swing.  We saw him another day as well.

The afternoon was warm and the waves were up at Waikiki so David, Rima and I did some body surfing.  Dave definitely put all his skills learned in Florida to good use and caught some great rides.  It took the rest of us a little more practice to get the hang of it.  We ended up coming back to this beach several times since the surf was just prime with large consistent waves so look for more pictures to follow. Luckily we had lots of help keeping watch over little William.

Back at the Fort we finally got the perfect sunset by Washington standards.

2 thoughts on “Cape Disappointment State Park

  • August 20, 2014 at 6:06 am

    Loved the pics and write-up. What an “uninviting” name for a state park! I would have loved the tide pool adventure, and the waves looked fun. Did you notice on the barnacle/crab pic, the barnacles were in a heart shape? Pretty neat. And, the bald eagle would be a big bonus for me. The green on the coast against the water reminded me of your wedding invites. And, great family picture! Thanks much. Mom M

    • August 20, 2014 at 8:56 am

      Don’t let the name fool you. I guess an early explorer named it after he missed the entry point into the Columbia river. Definitely a lot to do there including camping, which apparently is booked 9 months in advance.

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