Catching Up: Camping at Rabbit Ears

Following the adventure race in Kremling, we made our way north for a little more camping at Rabbit Ears pass (August 16-18) before the start of school. We were all pretty scarred from the poor facilities at Rancho Del Rio and were relieved to find large, secluded sites and mountain serenity at Dumont Lake campground. This has been on my list to visit for a while and it was great to just relax, fish, and bike for a few days with no real agenda. The pontoon boat was perfect for the lake, and I found the perfect spot just off a point for picking off the rainbows right and left using a blue dun. Dad even managed to catch one from the canoe after some pretty intense coaching. The boys got a kick out of riding the pontoon with Linnea, with Josh’s preferred ride being the basket in the back.

When we weren’t at the lake, we were either escaping the heat in the shade or mountain biking the nearby trails. Linnea and I got out for a couple nice morning rides on the Wyoming trail right from our campsite. The second day turned into quite the adventure. First, we made it out further and down a nasty, steep section with big rocks that required some walking. Second, on the way back, Linnea made the suggestion that I bunny hop onto a funny little log-bridge crossing. I made it up but then went sideways and fell down with a big splash into the creek about 6 feet down! I went all the way under, Luckily my bike was okay and I was still in one piece. Later in the evenings, we had fun riding in Grandpa’s new truck, playing crazy games with Grandma, and even had steak on the grill one night.