Catching Up! – Dodging Moose at Jefferson Creek

It was a wild time up Jefferson Creek the 3rd weekend of June. I was a bit grumpy driving up due to a stalled semi slowing down the pass. That would be nothing compared to the 3 hour road closure due to presumed accident on the way home. It all worked out though, and our late arrival spared us a big rain/hail storm in the evening. We dropped off the canoe at the lake and barely managed to make it up the steep road, camper in tow, covered in fresh grapple and snow. Everyone in campground was soaked and we were glad to set up in the dry.

The next day we headed back up to the lake for canoeing and fishing. It was a bit chilly but we had fun and found a nice spot for a picnic. The fishing was a bit finicky, but we eventually figured it out and saw a monster fish (no idea what it was) cruising the bottom on our way back. Later I headed out on a mountain bike ride up the Colorado Trail toward Georgia pass. Luckily I had my cell phone in my pocket and snapped a few quick picks of a monster moose staring me down on the trail. I didn’t stay too long as he looked like he meant business. The biking was tough again with lots of tree roots and narrow trail, but fun going down. Linnea also took both William and Joshua separately on rides up the trail. They did really well even with the rough trail and got a kick riding across a stream.

On Sunday, we spotted 3 more moose on our way back down from the lake. This time a mom and two young ones. After that we tromped around some beaver ponds and did some fishing for brookies. I thought the boys would like hike through the muck and water but they wanted nothing to do with the wet.