Catching Up Fall Activities: Thanksgiving 2017

We had a big Thanksgiving this year, right at home in Denver, CO. Grandma and Grandma M rolled in first, Tirsa second, and the Haveman crew third. It was a packed house but we managed to find room for everyone to sleep without even setting up the camper. Blue-bird, warm weather was on tap for the long weekend. We started out Thanksgiving day at church and I was on with the trumpet. We were just able to squeeze into on pew. Back home we enjoyed a big feast, complete with all the traditional fixings. Joshua and William were big fan’s of the chocolate milk. Later we walked over to the park for a wild game of kick ball. Friday was a day out in the mountains, up Butler gulch near Berthoud Pass. I think our family was the weak link and both boys hit the dust a couple miles in. There was an impressive amount of snow up there despite the dry Fall! Saturday, we stayed closer to home and went out to Waterton Canyon for some bike riding, big-horn sheep watching, and a picnic on the river. The sheep did not disappoint and were out in full force in the warm, mid-day sun. Luckily we did not lose anybody to any mauling. Tirsa was close with Ron right behind. Later, we squeezed in another bike ride around Bear Creek. Altogether, it was great weekend enjoying all the different company and taking in some much needed R&R with the family.

2 thoughts on “Catching Up Fall Activities: Thanksgiving 2017

  • December 18, 2017 at 8:03 am

    Great memories & super pics! (Wish we had a pic of David playing the trumpet!) So much to be thankful for!
    Grandma M.

  • December 18, 2017 at 9:28 am

    I kept looking for the trumpet picture, can’t believe with everyone there nobody got one!

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