Catching Up! – Golden Gate Camping

We made it up to Golden Gate Canyon State Park the first weekend of June for another quick getaway. The proximity is nice and we were happy to escape the city heat and apparently the high winds for a couple days. Somehow we were spared the bad weather which was strange since usually Golden Gate gets it pretty bad being close to the Divide.

Linnea has been trying different camping foods and this time did quesadillas and burritos over the fire. It actually worked out pretty good despite the long cooking time from starting out frozen. On Saturday we set out for a hike along with some friends who came out for the day. That was really nice and it is still hard adjusting during these times to all the decreased social interactions, especially for the kids. We had a great day and all the kids did great powering back up the big, long hill on the way back. They had a pretty intense game of matching dinosaurs, and then it was back to running around and biking. Big Nate has everyone holding their breathe as he speeds down hill.

Later that day I did a pretty intense mountain bike around Tremont Mountain. It was a bit more than i expected but managed to complete the loop all in one piece and no crashes. Linnea did a shortened one-way version the next day that covered the nicer part of the trail and we picked her up on our way out of the park. After a little fishing with no luck on one of the small ponds we headed back home.