Catching Up! – Memorial Day at Mueller

On again, off again, we were highly anticipating camping at Mueller State Park over Memorial Day weekend and just the thought of escaping the house for a few days was enough for something to look forward to during the stay-at-home period. We got lucky and the State Park opened just in time to keep the trip on and we headed out on Friday. Weather was shaky at best with cold and snow in the forecast, but who cares when you’ve been cooped up for a month.

We had a large campsite and great for the kids with a bunch of rocks and trees behind it to climb. Linnea and I were both excited to try out our mountain bikes and took turns riding early in the morning the circuit out our back door. Overall the trails were great for beginners and it was fun riding through the forests, giving way to aspen groves, and then wide open meadows. We both saw a few elk down by one of the old homesteads. We also tried some fishing, but beside some guy from Oklahoma catching one, it was mediocre. On Saturday we ventured out for hike. After some extra motivation for new hiking shoes, the boys got into it and we made a pretty long loop. Nathanael either runs or is conked out in your arms. We did some more hiking on Sunday and did a quick scramble up Grouse mountain behind our site. Josh is the explorer of the group and always wants to hold the map.

This was also supposed to be the big weather shift day but storms were holding off and in the meantime everyone else was leaving in anticipation of snow. So I pulled out the mountain bike and enjoyed wide open trials around the park. Later that evening the snow did come in but by that time we were hunkered down in the camper. The few inches overnight quickly melted in the morning sun, and we celebrated the day listening to some military marches. It was hard packing up later that morning but overall just what we needed for a quick getaway.