Catching Up: RMNP and Getting Soaked at Sky Pond

Summer wouldn’t be complete without some camping in Rocky Mountain. This year we were able to squeeze in a quick weekend trip toward the end of September with Grandpa and Grandma M. I think I had to reschedule at least 2 or 3 times thanks to covid and campgrounds closing. In the end, we were just happy to get a site as RMNP was being very restrictive in terms of limiting visitors.

We drove up after school on Friday and met up with Grandpa and Grandma who drove over from the west side following their extended trip in Steamboat Springs. The boys were quick to get there bikes out and had fun going around the loop and down the hill. We had one epic crash with Nathanael loosing it at the bottom of the hill, with a complete face plant after going sideways (I have video, but cut out the fall as it is too nasty to watch). Luckily he is super tough and the helmet from Grandpa B can take some hard hits.

On Saturday, we had plans to hike Sky Pond lake, early in the day both to beat the crowds and the weather. The grandparents were a bit slow in waking up which meant all the parking spots were filled, and I had to circle back after dropping off the crew and take the shuttle back up. I should have known better and we had a mishap meeting up on the trail, with Grandpa leading them up to Bear lake instead of Sky Pond. Luckily, we all eventually met up after I hiked the trail twice and we all made it up to Sky Pond. By that time, the weather moved in with temps dropping and rain coming down. I did try some fishing to no luck but only had a few minutes with the boys not enjoying the cold. On the way down, the system blew over and we all made it back in one piece.

Later that day, we did some fly-fishing in Moraine valley. We worked our way up the little creek, trying to sneak up on the fish. A few hits and strikes off dries, but I don’t think any of us caught any. The boys were having fun though so we stayed out pretty long. On the way back we stopped to watch a bull elk and herd of cows. The rut was just starting and the bull was running around a bit crazy. By that time, another quick moving storm moved into the valley bringing crazy wind and sideways rain and sleet. The herd of elk grouped up and moved right in the storm. We had to do similar and fought our way back to the road and campground while getting soaked, with both boys crying loudly. We most have looked miserable because an older couple in a very nice BMW stopped and offered a ride for Josh and Will.

Sunday we took a more relaxing approach to the day, and after changing sites, did a little more fishing and playing wiffle ball around the site before making the drive back home.

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  • November 3, 2020 at 11:42 am

    Wonderful memories–even the rain. Loved the “cover pic!” Still can’t believe you guys let those boys bike down that hill. The ending is not so wonderful! Thanks. Grandma M

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