Catching Up! – Sylvan Lake State Park

For almost every weekend in June we’ve been making quick camping getaways to the mountains. With tee-ball being canceled, our schedule was wide open, so I would pick up any last minute reservations I could find. The gem was Sylvan Lake State Park, located up in Eagle County. Much of the area had limited access the past few years due to reconstruction of the dam, but this year the camping and lake were fully open. We took a half day on Friday and headed up. We were particularly excited to get the canoe out and do some fishing. Recently restocked with something like 2,000 trout, it did not disappoint. All the boys caught fish. Joshua caught the most and just horses them in. William, on the other hand, puts on a huge show with his stance and facial expressions. Linnea is our canoe guide and paddles us around while I or one of the boy fly-fishes from the front. William managed to hook one on the fly-rod and about everyone on the lake heard Linnea yell with excitement.

Another highlight was catching sight of a bald eagle and osprey battle it out above the lake. After dueling it out, the bald eagle did a nose-dive straight down to the lake and circled for a while. The weather was a bit windy in the late afternoons and evenings with a big storm passing through the second evening. Joshua is now the wood-chopper of the group and can go for hours. We stayed the whole day on Sunday and did a nice hike down in the valley through an old homestead. After heading out after supper, a huge moose jumped out of the woods right in front of the car and ran in front for a while in a dead sprint. We were all shocked and after a couple seconds yelled “moose” in unison. Big Nate didn’t now what to think!