Catching Up! – William’s 6th Birthday

With an exponential increase in screen-time lately, it’s been challenging to stay motivated on the blog. But here’s an attempt to catch up on some of the highlights over the last couple months before we forget all the details. It’s still hard to believe William is 6 already, and he was highly anticipating his birthday after waiting through Nathanael’s and Joshua’s. We had been planning on attending Monster Jam at Mile High but alas that was cancelled. Luckily we hadn’t told the boys and instead had a fun day celebrating at home. A couple of his friends came over for ‘drive-bys’ and that was extra special having just gone through the heart of staying at home the last months. We did presents with extra Zoom calls with the Grandparents. William was excited for some beyblades, which he had been patiently waiting for some time. Linnea churned out a “Rescue Heroes” cake, themed after a show the boys took a liking to during the stay at home. Both Joshua and Nathanael were all smiles during the day too and more than happy to help their brother celebrate. We capped off the day running RC cars out front, a success with no breakdowns. William continues to grow during the shutdown. He’s the leader of the pack, always thoughtful in what he does, and filled with lot’s of energy. He also had a great year at Awanas and did an impressive job memorizing a whole bunch of bible verses.