Celebrating 100: A Birthday Party for the Ages

It has taken me a while to collect my thoughts and sit down and write this post because it is bittersweet. We had a wonderful visit with my family earlier in July including seeing many extended relatives and friends for my Grandpa Marvin’s 100th birthday. However, since our visit he has ended his time on earth. He was an amazing man and his passing has left a whole in my heart. I am going to miss hearing him saying things like “just holding this chair down” when asked how he is doing, or him asking “how’s the price of cabbage in Indiana” as a funny conversation starter. I’d love to hear him laugh so hard he throws his head back and slaps his knee in a big aaaHa Ha. I’ll even take the time to complain about the weather and think about him worrying about how we are surviving Colorado’s storms. And I’ll always hold so many memories of him and his love for all living and growing things, especially animals, close to my heart. I am truly thankful for all the times we had with him including this last visit where he was able to meet Nathanael Marvin. Though he was weak he was still able to enjoy some precious moments with all of us who love him. Thank you Grandpa, we miss you.

And now a little more about our trip. Dave and I earned our Parent Travel Badges for our marathon day to make it to the Tri-cities. It included a pre-dawn start followed by a train, plane, plane, train, Uber, and 5 hour drive before collapsing at the hotel. Ask Dave about our quick stop in Pioneer Square sometime, I can’t do it justice in writing. But it all ended well and we enjoyed the next few days spending time with my parents, Grandpa Marvin and other family and friends. We got a little extra time with Aunt Rima and explored a great park and splashpad along the river. Saturday was the big party day. I won’t try and list everyone who came since I know I’ll leave someone out but it was great to reconnect. We even had all five Butler siblings in the same place for approximately 36 hrs. We didn’t get the greatest pictures but I know others did so feel free to share. Thank you to everyone who helped make it a wonderful celebration of Grandpa’s life.

We then got to enjoy a couple of days at The Cabin. The six cousins got to play for hours on end and even the adults relaxed since it’s impossible to not have a good time. The adventures included a few fireworks, quality beach time, floating, boating, s’mores, books, a VHS or two and lots of laughing. We even managed to do a little tubing. Can you believe my parents both went? and Johanna and William? Those brave kids even jumped from the bulkhead into the high tide waters!!! Brrr, the water was cold but hot days made it bearable. The time was short but so fun.

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  • August 11, 2018 at 8:20 am

    Wonderful report! Beautiful and very special pictures! Fun memories! and yes….bittersweet: but now such a sweet sweet place for Grandpa Marvin! Wish I could have known him. Mom M

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