Celebrating Number 8!

It was finally time to celebrate William’s birthday this past weekend, the big number 8. It was an all baseball type of weekend, complete with a baseball mint chocolate chip / cookies and cream ice-cream cake, little league games, and a Rockies game to cap it off. William had a really good game, hitting two doubles (off of me!) and pitching very well with more confidence. We had to leave Josh’s game early to make batting practice before the Rockies game. William really wanted to get a ball for his friend and we ended up getting 4 with William almost catching two (but bounced out of his glove). We were quite lucky considering the Reds didn’t put much time in. Not as lucky getting autographs and Charlie Blackmon ignored my request to sign Nathanael’s cast. The boys were all charged up for the game and had fun running around the stadium. It turned out to be a close game with the Rockies wining 4-3. The cotton candy in the 7th put them over the top. We had a semi-quiet rest of the weekend, taking in a short bike ride on Sunday around Bear Creek with Linnea towing Nathanael in the chariot.