Celebrating the Fourth in the Wild West

We were actually able to go on our long anticipated family vacation! Early on the morning of July 3rd we headed north to Buffalo Bill State Park just outside Cody, WY. The drive went smoothly and we were able to set up in a nice spot by the river then head into town. We checked out the visitor center in town and the street gunfight reenactment in town before eating some pizza for dinner. A great day to celebrate our 10th wedding anniversary as a family.

The next day we headed into Cody again for the parade. It was lots of fun and filled with horses and trucks that the boys loved. They also got enough candy to surpass even Halloween. To avoid crowds we didn’t do most of the tourist things besides picking up some BBQ for lunch in the park and skipped the rodeo which was too bad but we enjoyed ourselves anyway. In the afternoon we checked out the dam below the reservoir then headed out to relax at the campsite. The boys talked Dave into exploring by the lake as I read for a while. I heard a big splash and ran down to the river in time to see a grizzly bear swim across to the far side of the river. It got out shook itself off and proceeded to give me the cold shoulder before proceeding to saunter up the shore. It was such an amazing siting. The boys all just missed it but the camp host came by and confirmed it was seen early in the day too. It caused a bunch of concern and a wildlife ranger was seen cruising around later that evening. And so started our animal siting adventures. The next day was time to move on Yellowstone.

[Edit Required] We also went back into town to watch the fireworks display. Dave had scoped out a roadside pullout that would allow for an easy in and out for tailgating the show. When we arrived it turned out to be a popular spot but we still found good parking. We polished off some more of the candy from the parade and though that dusk meant 9:30pm….guess it actually means well after 10pm and Josh fell asleep before the show even began. Luckily it turned out to be a great display with some unique combinations and explosions. It was fun to still get to see some fireworks to celebrate the 4th.

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  • July 19, 2020 at 2:26 pm

    What a great start to the trip! Too bad Linnea couldn’t get a pic of the bear! You need to make a trip of your beautiful pictures!

    Mom M.

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