Christmas in Denver

Merry Christmas! David and I actually celebrated Christmas at our house without traveling since Baby M could arrive any time now though the Christmas blessing was a good growth check earlier in the week.

We had fun opening packages from Grandpa and Grandma Mulder on the 23rd. Facetime allowed us to celebrate with them and Will especially liked his new sleeping bag and is ready for a sleep over any time. He also attempted to devour as much candy as possible including the pretzel stick covered in PB, chocolate and candy.

We were blessed to have most of my family come for a short visit. Uncle Kenan, Aunt Rima, Aunt TC and Grandma and Grandpa Butler were all here and with all the attention William really was “Prince” for the holidays. We missed seeing Uncle Adriel, Aunt Lauren, Johanna, Audra and Rose but did get to say hi by facetime. On Christmas Eve we played a game. Will is still figuring that one out but loved to throw the big colored cube and made ornaments. On Christmas Day William found his stocking was a treasure trove to explore when he first woke up. He got so excited he was running circles and that was without any sugar! We enjoyed hearing David play his trumpet at the Christmas Day service and returned to a delicious dinner. After a nice nap for Will and maybe even some others in the family 😉 we exchanged gifts. William is now set to join his Daddy fishing and to do all the landscaping projects we have planned for the summer. Plus he plans on racing his bike as soon as the snow clears. With his short legs Will is just big enough for his Strider but he knew exactly what to do. We wrapped up the day with a game of Settlers. What a blessing to share this time with family.