Christmas Time in Denver

Merry Christmas from Denver!
While we missed seeing more family over the holidays we enjoyed having Uncle Kenan spoil the boys and we had lots of good video calls. Not traveling definitely helped keep the holidays fun and low stress. I know there are A LOT of pictures in this album but I couldn’t trim it down anymore. The boys expressions are just too cute and show their personalities so well. William is old enough to be very excited about everything and especially presents. He couldn’t wait for his stocking to be filled. Josh is still figuring things out but is into, or climbing on top of, everything. William wanted to include or show things to Joshua so it is sweet to watch them.

Dave was able to take off a couple of days so we enjoyed lots of family time including skiing at Loveland (crowded with long lines) taking out the chariot for backcountry skiing (so peaceful until the boys feet got cold), the Children’s Museum, open gym (William can now swing upside down and hang from the bar), the pool, a hike at Three Sisters with the Schappas, lots of train time and playing with new toys. We even made a day trip to CO Springs and the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo. We had so much fun feeding the giraffes, shouting back at the howling monkeys, and riding the carousel.

On Christmas Eve and Christmas Day we were blessed by spending time with our church family. Dave played the trumpet and we celebrated Jesus’ birthday.

2 thoughts on “Christmas Time in Denver

  • January 8, 2017 at 6:56 am

    Absolutely loved ALL the pics! What a wonderful Christmas time you had! Keep those memories.
    Mom M

  • January 16, 2017 at 12:51 pm

    Its all joy!!! And, Thanks be to God!!! The little tyke has a blanket of prayers!
    Grandma M

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