Christmas Tree and Gingerbread Trains

We headed up to the Winter Park area this year to cut down our Christmas tree. Ten bucks and easy access in designated Forest Service sounds easy, but not so much with two boys on the loose. It was quite the contrast from last year when I made a quick solo trip to get a tree and Linnea was at home, very pregnant. This year, it snowed the night before, making for more fun but also more work finding a decent tree. William and Joshua had a great time getting pulled in the sled and then just messing around while either myself or Linnea looked up the hillside. We pushed our quest for finding the perfect tree just a little too long and Joshua had a meltdown for the ages. Luckily, we weren’t too far from the truck, but it seemed like forever dragging out the screaming boy with Christmas tree and William in tow.

Back home, we’ve set up all our Christmas decorations, including lights on the front porch. William plugs the tree in every morning first after waking up. The weather has been off and on cold, warm here with some snow in between. That doesn’t stop William from riding his bike and he made a full lap around the bl0ck the other night in 15 degree weather, fully equipped with glasses and bandanna. We’ve been having fun doing various Christmas activities. The gingerbread train was a big hit, although William refuses to let anybody eat it now that is done. Joshua almost snagged a wheel, and I convinced him to let me eat Santa Claus, but the rest is off limits.