Climbing, Biking, and Trains

We enjoyed a nice weekend at home by starting off with a picnic dinner at an open space park complete with some rock scrambling. The boys had fun exploring and a deer stopped by to say hi. The next morning we went to the Rocky Mountain Train Show. The crowds were a little overwhelming but William kept hearing the radio commercials and was sure we needed to go. It was pretty spectacular all the vendors, booths, and set ups we saw. Williams favorite was a large outdoor train that the conductor kept blowing the horn for and was blowing smoke. We were all impressed with the Lego displays and there were some very professional displays as well. Joshua just wanted to keep racing the models. 🙂 Later Dave let the boys loose at McD’s while I got to enjoy the Banff Film Fest with a friend. You can tell they run wild indoors or out from the videos. Joshua tries to keep up with William and we finally gave in and let him take his trike outside. He still can’t walk but he can sure ride!