Colorado Campground

Camping, camping, camping…it’s the summer of camping. 🙂 I often get comments about how impressive it is that we get out with three littles but to be honest with the nice camper it is just as comfortable as being at home and there is non-stop entertainment for the boys who love being outdoors. This last weekend we were able to pick up a spot off a cancellation at Colorado Campground. Since there are lots of fire restrictions with the hot, dry, windy weather we’ve been having we were happy to stay in a campground so we could have a campfire. There is a beautiful lake with good fishing as well as pelicans to admire. William has done lots of fishing and with assistance has landed some nice ones but Saturday morning he earned his first solo catch. He picked his own lure, is a pro at casting and after he hooked it he looked at Dave and said matter of factly, “Daddy my line is wiggling” then proceeded to land the first fish of the day, a nice rainbow. I think Dave was a little jealous until he also caught several as well. Besides the normal adventures we also took in a ranger talk about bear and cougar safety. So in spite of the boys having slight colds which made them a little cranky it was another successful outing. Even an afternoon thunderstorms (complete with more hail) and an unplanned but scenic detour on the way home couldn’t dampen our camping adventures.