Colorado Christmas and Turtles

Merry Christmas! We’ve enjoyed a quiet Colorado holiday as a family. The boys could hardly wait. Christmas Eve was filled with cookie decorating and first gifts and the Polar Express. The boys must have had fun since they were so tired that they even slept in on Christmas morning. Josh is our early riser and finally lead the charge on the stockings. After a beautiful Christmas service we spent the rest of the day enjoying treats and opening presents while spending lots of time video chatting with family. We missed all our family but were so blessed by gifts of love. It is so amazing to see the smiles on the boys faces and watch them play together. I’m not sure what their favorite gifts are but it has been fun seeing them figuring things out like the tin car cable cars they built or pushing each other on Nathanael’s push and ride toy. They are all growing so fast and are turning into quite the gang.

The long awaited and asked for turtles have also arrived, though not quite in time for Christmas morning since turtles can be slow 😉 William got a Southern Slider he named Rocky since it likes climbing. Josh got a red eared slider who earned himself the name Peek-a-boo since he likes to swim and peek out of the water and also hides a lot.

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  • December 31, 2018 at 3:10 pm

    Thanks so much for great report and very fun pictures!!!
    Grandma M

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