DC Field Day

We are wrapping up the school year this week and enjoying looking back at all the fun and growth that has happened. We are so thankful for the amazing staff that work at and the committed families that attend Denver Christian. One of the highlights was attending the Field Day and Arts Walk on campus last week. We cheered William and his classmates on as they competed in the most fun and creative series of games. I didn’t believe William when he said they were going to be flipping tires but boy did they ever. They ran fast, threw hard, jumped, skipped, laughed, cheered and smiled. Kudos to their teachers for making it such a special afternoon. After a quick popsicle break we got to appreciate the hard work and talent development the students put in during Art this year. Their precious and priceless pieces were hung throughout the halls and both Will and Josh loved finding and showing off their work. We also got to see the older grades projects which I think inspired the boys to see what they can continue to work towards.

One thought on “DC Field Day

  • May 25, 2021 at 3:49 pm

    So much fun! Good job, Will! Great artwork, Will & Josh!
    Grandma M

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