Dutch Village, Chasing Ducks and Pulling Goats (MI trip)

I’m finally starting to go through all of our back-logged summer photos and getting them posted. It has been extra busy with work and things are finally settling down just a little bit. The third week of August we squeezed in a trip to Michigan for some much needed vacation. With the last minute decision to go, it meant we would be driving and not flying. We took the truck and ended up all sleeping in the back (Maddy included) at a rest-stop somewhere in no mans land in Nebraska after Linnea started seeing double. The drive went smooth and we arrived ready to relax and have some fun! Linnea just started her new job (full-time science sub for an online academy), so on Monday Mom and I took the little boy to Dutch Village. He was a little shy at first, but quickly warmed up to all the different activities. The big organ was a hit, along with the life-size and very real looking horses. After that, we hit the animal barn where the real adventure began. Somebody (Mom!) decided it would be a good idea to take a goat for a walk through a maze. Well, we got a stubborn one and after it refused to move, I pulled so hard on it that its collar popped off. I grabbed the goat and ended up having to pick it up and carry it back to the barn. We all needed some rest later (after rubber duck races, carousel ride, playground, school-house) and enjoyed some popcorn while watching the Dutch dancing. That was all William needed to gear up for his second wind. After spotting some ducks, he took-off like a mad man, running after them while making lots of noise. It didn’t take long for some other kids to join in on the fun. We finished off the day with a ride on the swings and then a quick stop at the gift-shop.

Here’s a short video clip of our little duck herder. He is quite skilled!