Escaping the Heat and a Perfect Father’s Day

Linnea treated me to quite the Father’s day the other week. I woke up to breakfast in bed, complete with cinnamon rolls, orange juice, and one super-excited William to share in on the treats. Linnea found the “perfect” card complete with a moving fish and fly-rod! Pretty cool. On our way home from church, I couldn’t figure out Linnea’s crazy driving until she took the “Texas Roadhouse exit” and then it all made sense. We beat the lunch rush and I had a “perfect” sirloin, along with a lot of fresh bread. After some relaxing, we hit the neighborhood pool to escape the heat. William liked watching the big slide, and Joshua even got a little wet. Back at home, Linnea surprised me again with a deluxe ice-cream sunday. She had a more trick up her sleeve, a framed 14er map! To cap of the “perfect” day, Linnea entertained William while I sat back and watched game 7 of the NBA finals while enjoying an ice-cold blue moon.

The Saturday before Fathers’ Day, we headed up to the mountains to escape the heat. It’s been a brutal June with a lot of heat, so we decided to hit the water and take the canoe out on Jefferson Lake. It was a little work keeping both boys in line, but overall a good time. William was all about paddling and fishing. I managed to catch a few rainbows while the rest of the crew were napping on shore. Before going back home, Linnea and William took the canoe out some more. It was pretty entertaining to watch the two navigate as William was trying his hardest to paddle. He already insists on sitting in the back.

One thought on “Escaping the Heat and a Perfect Father’s Day

  • June 30, 2016 at 7:29 pm

    We have sure enjoyed all your posts, lately! Thank you very much for great dialogue and wonderful pictures! The setting for the canoe excursion looks absolutely beautiful. You definitely were a little spoiled on your special day, will for sure have to remember it all come next Mother’s Day! Keep enjoying Fatherhood, remembering all the good and forgetting the dirty diapers!!! Much Love, Mom

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