Escaping the Heat at Mount Sherman

We finally made it out to climb Mt. Sherman last Sunday, July 12. This would be the first 14er for Josh and Will (on their own power). We had been talking about it for a while but usually met with resistance.  Joshua was the most excited.  With free weekends hard to find and a busy summer ahead, we decided to just go for it.  I would carry Nathanael in the Kelty (still recovering from broken leg) and Linnea would encourage Josh and Will up the mountain!  We drove up from our house about 5a and started hiking around 7:30a. All the boys were super excited with big smiles to start the hike. 

Surprisingly, it wasn’t too busy and we meandered our way up the trail past all the old mining remains.  This kept everyone’s attention and we made pretty good time.  Before we knew it, we were up to the base of the saddle point and near the snow line.  There was a nice boot pack and Will and Josh made quick work getting to the ridge.  From there, we still had a long hike ahead as Sherman’s ridge to the summit is deceivingly long with a number of false summits.  By this time fatigue was setting in, along with the nagging and Josh stopping every 3-5 minutes to sit in the middle of the trail or going pee.  They kept it together surprisingly well though and we made the summit at 10:30a.  With snow still on the peaks, the views were amazing and we all took it in.  William sacked out in a little wind shelter, while Josh and I explored a nearby flat area rumored to be an old airfield.  After fueling up on Doritos, we headed back down and found a good spot to glissade down the snow field.  This was the highlight of the day and both Will and Josh almost hiked back up to do it again. 

Since it was supposed to near 100 degrees in Denver, we took our time with the rest of hike and stopped by a snow melt pond for some R and R, including a quick dip by me.  The boys kept busy throwing rocks, while I explored all the nearby mining remains and prospecting holes.  It’s a pretty intriguing area with all the old remains and perfect for keeping kids’ attention.   On the way out, William even asked if we could climb it again sometime!  The adventure wasn’t quite over as we stopped near a lone porty potty on the road out.  As I maneuvered the car, Josh yelled out that there was a moose.  Sure enough, a young moose popped out of the trees, wandered right past our car, almost giving it a bump, and ran away.  We made the drive back after that, followed by pizza and root-beers at Tap and Dough.

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  • June 24, 2022 at 11:17 am

    What a trek and accomplishment! Absolutely beautiful pictures! Thanks for posting them all. Congratulations to all!
    Grandma M

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