Faces in the Cold

In spite of the cold temperatures, icy roads and some snow falling we ventured out for some sledding on Saturday. Will isn’t a big fan of sledding but loves snow so we all bundled up and headed to Meyer Ranch Open space. As expected Will was pretty hesitant to go sledding with anyone (can you blame him since his safest option was probably Aunt Rima out of the crew). But he made a few runs and between laughing at the many crazy sledders on the hill and our own mishaps (Grandpa B broke the main sled) we all had fun. And for those of you wondering, NO I did not actually sled as much as I wanted to with the great snow. Rima, Kenan and Dave extended their snow adventures with a quick hike at Reynolds Ranch which made Maddy very happy.

In the evening we headed to see the Zoo Lights. The cold did not stop the crowds but the lights were pretty amazing and we managed to warm up here and there inside some of the buildings. One of the elephants was playing with a large canister to get out treats and the otters were eating fish so we even got to see some living animals in addition to the lights display. My personal favorite was probably the bear going fishing but Dave liked the Sasquatch and tried to scare Will. Aunt Rima is probably still recovering from carrying Will so much of the time but he definitely like the view better than from his stroller. Plus she let him touch some of the lights…what did I say about being the Prince for the holidays?