Fall Activities: Elk, Getting Outdoors, Soccer, and Celebrating Linnea’s 38th!

It’s been a whirlwind Fall this year. As I am writing this, itis about 10 degrees and snowing heavily outside. This has been the first significant moisture since early September, the last time it snowed! In between, it has been hot and dry and we are all hoping that the mountain snow will halt the wildfires around Rocky Mountain and Fort Collins. We’ve been trying to get out as much as possible this season while staying responsible with Covid-19. Some of the highlights include climbing the 3 sisters (and the brother!) at 3 sisters open space park, biking up Waterton Canyon, and mountain biking around Green Mountain with Linnea. We had fun watching a bull and small herd of cows crossing the trail (later I also ran into a rattlesnake coming down the trail that rattled at me multiple times). Thanks to Tirsa, Linnea and I were able to enjoy a meal out and one refreshing margarita after our ride! We also took on our annual elk viewing at Estes Park these year with Tirsa the first weekend in October. It did not disappoint, and thankfully we didn’t lose Tirsa after a bull chased her around the golf course. The main show ended up being at the high school, and we spent dusk watching a herd of bulls run around crazy and bugle.

School has kept us busy this year and Will and Josh love it. Will is starting to get more assigned projects, like compiling a poster on a scientist (he chose Tesla), math homework, and likes all the extras like PE and art. Linnea is also teaching again, part-time, about 10 hours a week, for a platform that contracts with schools in Colorado and Washington. We haven’t done any Fall Festivals this year but did do a corn maze. The kids had fun running around and finding all the farm animals. We’ve also stayed busy with Upwards Soccer, including practice on Wednesday’s and games on Saturday’s. Linnea took on coaching this year and did an amazing job. The team really progressed throughout the season and won their final game, coming behind in the final minutes with a game-winning goal at the final minute.

This last week was action packed with Linnea’s birthday and a big Saturday raking leaves as part of a church activity called ‘Love Your Neighbor’s Yard.’ We also had our first ER visit on Tuesday with Josh receiving 4 stiches due to a dog bite while retrieving football from neighbors yard. Rima (living in Denver the next months before moving to Nepal) literally took the cake and made an amazing ‘Adventure Race’ themed carrot cake for Linnea, complete with kayaks, a mountain bike, a mountain made from golden grahams, and legos. We all had fun celebrating together and are thankful for Linnea, her good health, and everything she does for us as a family!

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  • November 2, 2020 at 6:41 pm

    Elk bugling was quite something! And, wow–what changes in the weather! Great activities–keep up the exercise!!! Rima gets the prize for the cake! She and Linnea could be twins! Thanks for all the pics. Hope Josh doesn’t land in that bed for a good long time! Love, Grandma M

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