Fall Baseball

We’ve been taking in a lot of Rockies baseball this Fall. It’s been fun as the boys are really into it, and the Rockies have been playing pretty good and even made it into the playoffs. William knows a number of the players names and calls himself either Charlie Blackmon or Nolan Arenado when we play baseball at home. About three weeks ago, there was a special all kids run the bases after the game. Both boys thought they were pretty big stuff and William held Joshua’s hand most of the time. It was a good thing because Joshua had other things on his mind and was trying to wander off to check out the field crew’s golf cart. The big fun was the past weekend for the fan appreciation fireworks. I snagged last minute tickets and took just the boys while Linnea stayed at home with Maddy. It was big night, a wild sell out crowd, and the fireworks did not disappoint. We got to go down on the field after the game and picked a spot out in center field really close to all the action. The boys let loose with rough housing, somersaults, and wrestling while we waited for the show to get started. They both loved the fireworks, Joshua insisting I sit by him and William plugging his ears. They both got really wide eyes for the grand finale, but insisted they were not scared! We made it back to the house at 11:45p, both boys still awake and energized from the big night.

One thought on “Fall Baseball

  • October 2, 2017 at 8:22 am

    Great fun, great parenting, great “sibling,” genuine boys: MY family!!!!!!

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