Fallback Weekend Activities



We had big plans for the weekend since it was the first one I didn’t have a soccer game since August. Unfortunately I’m just recovering from a sinus infection and Dave just came down with the crud that is going around.  So instead of attempting another 14er we stuck a little closer to home. On Saturday after a very relaxing morning we headed out to North Table mountain to do a little rope practice.  We are taking a High Altitude Mountaineering School through the Colorado Mountain Club and need to brush up on our rope handling skills.  So we just did some belay practice and enjoyed the nice sunny afternoon.  Maddy made some new dog friends and guarded our “camp.”

Now its Sunday afternoon nap time and Maddy is taking advantage of the situation.  🙂

I also included a picture of one of my whiteboards at school.  For those of you that remember your chemistry class days you might recognize that it is a table of VSEPR 3-D models and the corresponding hybrid orbitals.  One of my students made it as a study tool for herself and wanted to share it with the class. They have been working really hard and I’m hoping it shows on their next test which is on Tuesday.