Father’s Day, Rockies, and Hail

Linnea treated me and the boys to a Saturday at Heritage Square for Father’s day, a local amusement park complete with go-carts, bumper boats, mini-golf, and whole bunch of ‘torture rides’ that spin in some sort of variation. The boys couldn’t get enough of the banana ride where they were able to control a hydraulic level to go up and down. Joshua actually liked the spinning tea-cups and it was hilarious to watch William hang on for dear life on a small roller-coaster/merry go round that spun super fast in circles. Both boys somehow go past the attendants on a few rides even though they were a bit short of the height requirement. We spent a solid 3 hours or so before calling it a day and doing one last go-cart ride. We had a quiet Father’s Day itself except for the madness that ensued when Linnea surprised me with a giant bean bag.

Last week I caught a Rockies game with Will and Josh after work. The weather was perfect and not hot. Our seats were above the bullpen and the game was filled with lots of action with a 10-8 final score. The highlight was a pinch hit homerun by the Rockies that landed in the bullpen right below us. In other news, we go hit by a massive hail storm that inflicted a lot of damage in our neighborhood including our new suburban and house roof. We are starting the ‘fun’ process of insurance claims. Hopefully we do not get hit again this season as the weather patterns have been pretty extreme lately.