February Sun and Other Activities

We couldn’t get through February without doing a post about the sunny, warm weather. I don’t remember when the last time I shoveled snow was, and it’s normal to see the two little boys running around in shorts these days, sometimes even without shirts. Both of the boys are on the move and Joshua especially is into everything. He loves the outside and if a door is left open, he is close behind. He continues to be the fearless one, going face first down the big slides at the park. He hasn’t taken his first steps yet, partly probably because he can crawl really fast and when not, can get to where he needs to go on his trike bike. William still loves riding his Strider and can fully balance his feet on the back while speeding down hill. He’s decided it’s time to incorporate jumps and likes to go off little wood ramps from the end of the driveway. Joshua loves to ride in anything, from the red wagon, to the wood-semi truck to the William’s dump truck.

We had a fun Valentine’s day with the boys enjoying Monster trucks, tattoos, and candy. Linnea and I got a baby sitter–something we almost never do, and Linnea took me on a quick hike up Mathew Winter’s after work complete with a picnic up top. Afterwards, we enjoyed desert at Coldstone. William is still trying to decide what to spend his Valentine’s money on and is still split between ice-cream and another monster truck.

One thought on “February Sun and Other Activities

  • February 22, 2017 at 9:13 am

    Thanks for so many many cute pics! The days of kitchen play, and drawer exploring are so much fun! It brings to mind many fine memories. So, keep enjoying it all! Glad to see that Will is reading about airplanes, and also glad that he is cautious around ramps! Maybe we will get to see Joshua’s first steps after all! I will also make sure that I have spaghetti on the menu in FL. Love all the smiles! Thanks! Grandma M

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