First Baseball Game

We took William to a Rockies game this week. The little guy just had a blast! Our plan was to go early for batting practice and leave early after 4-5 innings. He actually lasted until the about the 7th. During bating practice, one of the Texas Ranger’s pitchers (the closer) took notice to William and gave him a ball while chatting with Linnea. William was all grins. For each hit he would point to the sky and yell. He couldn’t move his finger fast enough. We had great seats, our own row and effectively the 1st row down the 3rd base line as 2 people in front of us didn’t show. No screaming foul balls though and no SC highlights. William liked to go down next to the field as much as he could and put his ball in all the cup holders. Overall, it was a fun and even relaxing night for all. Oh yeah, and the Rockies actually won.