First Week with Joshua Cayden

It has been a full week now since Joshua was born and we are all settling into new routines. Okay, William might not be settling in just yet but as you can tell he loves to hold his little brother and our biggest worry is that he’ll love on Joshua too much.

The staff at St. Joe’s was amazing and we really appreciated all their expertise. My parents were spoiling William rotten and he loved exploring the hospital room. An added bonus for him was watching some heavy construction equipment working just outside the window. Since Joshua was doing so well we were discharged on the 6th and they even let me walk out on my own. That Colorado sun sure felt good after being indoors for three days straight. Once home, we did have to do 36 hours of phototherapy for jaundice. Thankfully, Joshua responded well, his numbers look good and is back to gaining weight after dropping down to 4’15”. The only hard part about the PEP bed was that we couldn’t snuggle him like we all wanted to. Now if we can just fatten the little guy up. He has really skinny legs and long toes. (See the Hospital Gallery photos for some great shots of him. We do have high res files of the photos if anyone is interested.) It has been so great to have my parents around to help out and I’m so thankful that Dave has also been able to take off time from work. It has allowed us all to relax and even made for some great Daddy, Grandpa and William outings. They hit up the open gym to run off some energy and took in a DC basketball game. Joshua and I even made it out of the house this morning for part of my MOPS group meeting. I don’t know how much is Joshua being little and early and how much is personality but he is pretty relaxed and just takes it all in. We all love getting glimpses of eyes when he is awake.