Four Generations Strong!

Thanks to some fall airline sales William and I were able to make a quick trip back to WA for him to meet his Great Grandpa Marvin and Great Grandmom Ruth. We were even lucky enough to overlap with a visit from Great Uncle Russel. What a blessing to for William to have so many generations of family to love him.

We flew into Seatac and spent a too short of afternoon hanging out with Uncle Adriel, Aunt Lauren, Aunt Tirsa, Grandma and Grandpa Butler and of course Johanna and Audra. Even after traveling William was all smiles and loved being the center of attention. Will will soon be outnumbered 3-1 in the cousins department as Lauren is due at the beginning of February. Both Johanna and Audra loved bringing Will toys and trying to get him to smile.

The next day Tirsa, Will and I made the drive to the Tri-cities and enjoyed the beautiful fall weather and great scenery. Will settled right in at Great Grandpa and Grandmom’s and found some new favorite toys. A shiny bucket with a felt cover was never ending fun by itself or as a container for other toys and he held onto it with both hands and feet more often than not. He smiled, laughed, talked, and generally charmed everyone. As you can tell from the pictures he sits well and can stand holding on to furniture. He worked on perfecting his bear crawl while trying to reach the phone during facetime with Daddy. Will apparently likes to roll under furniture and thought that under Grandmom’s blue chair was the best place to chill. He got extra snuggles from everyone and loved being sang to sleep by Aunt Tirsa.