Fun Times With Grandma Butler

We’ve been spoiled by a week with Grandma Butler. William enjoyed being rocked and sang to and read to and I enjoyed a couple of nice breaks for running and biking. The weather was beautiful (if a little warm for September) and lots of time was spent on the back porch. Grandma also helped me get caught up with ‘stuff’ around the house which was really appreciated.

The aspen trees are turning golden in the mountains and one afternoon we headed up to Kenosha Pass for a “fall foliage outing.” Apparently half of Denver also had the same idea so even a Wednesday proved busy but the views were breathtaking.

On Saturday morning before Grandma flew out we went to the Zoo. William tried to take it all in and watched wide-eyed from the safety of Dad’s chest. We caught the Sea Lion demonstration and the Elephant demonstration. Both were great! Many of the animals were out and active in spite of the temperatures being in the upper 80’s and we watched one of the tigers play with a tub in his pond and the leopard cubs kept popping in and out of logs.

Notice any similarities between father and son?