Getting Some Fresh Air

After enduring a cold, wet week filled with lots of snow, we were finally able to get outside for some nice Spring days on the weekend. On Saturday morning we headed over to Chatfield State Park for a little exploring. We’ve been having fun checking on a massive bald eagle that has set up a nest right next to the road and it was there again keeping watch over its babies. We enjoyed the park so much that we went there again on Sunday, this time for a picnic, and I rode my bike down the C-470 trail. Linnea took home the prize finding a complete snake skin shed in some some shrubs. We also had fun watching the Air Force thunder-birds fly over Denver. After the Air Force Academy graduation in the Springs, seven jets flew up and buzzed all the local hospitals over the course of an hour. We were hoping they would fly over our neighborhood, but the closest they got was a bit north east toward Lakewood and what looked to be the Kaiser clinic. Nonetheless it was fun anticipating and at least we were able to see them in the distance.

One thought on “Getting Some Fresh Air

  • April 21, 2020 at 8:31 am

    Loved, love, loved ALL the pics–bandanna masks, action pics, fly-by, snake skin, EAGLE!!!
    LORD OF ALL: Grateful praise!
    Grandma M.

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