Golden Gate Canyon State Park Camping

More camping this past week at the nearby Golden Gate Canyon State Park. We made reservations a couple weeks ago and got lucky with a spot spanning the weekend. With the close proximity to work (around 60 mins), we set up Wednesday night and I made the slightly longer commute. Linnea had no problem keeping the boys busy during the day with hiking, bike riding, and baseball, and we had campfires in the evening followed by more bike riding and story time before putting the boys down (or at least trying). Our friends Aaron and Melissa along with their newborn Cozzette came up for a visit on Thursday night and we enjoyed their company over burgers and smores. Friday night we celebrated the end of the work week with Klondike bars frozen solid courtesy of some dry ice. Linnea had no problem finishing them off. Saturday was a big fishing day, and we hit the Dudes Fishing Hole for much of the morning. Thanks to some juicy night-crawlers, as William call them, we had pretty good luck. Both boys now touch the fish (but not the worms), Josh with one finger and William with a full, two hand squeeze. The boys also had fun scrambling up some nearby rocks. Sunday, we took a drive to the other side of the park and did some more fishing and playing by a pond before packing up.

We didn’t do anything too extravagant for the big solar eclipse, although looking back would have been fun to go to Wyoming for totality. Linnea made the boys a viewing box and I took in the action at an NREL viewing party. Denver had about 92% coverage, and it did get a little dark along with a noticeable temperature drop. Pretty cool! Maddy confused and was worked up most the afternoon, not sure what to do.